Elderly Kept Safe in Tamworth

A new initiative starting in Tamworth is going to be helping the elderly keep safe during the winter months, and it’s not the NHS doing it this time, like you might expect, but the Fire Service in partnership with National elderly charity Age UK.

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The ground breaking scheme in Tamworth uses the firefighters to deliver fire safety information and advice in the home, but at the same time find out how some of the vulnerable elderly are managing and whether they need additional support from Age UK.

Alan Snell, Station Manager in Central Risk Reduction, said: “The fire and rescue service is in a fairly unique position in that we are often able to get across the threshold to speak to people where other organisations may struggle to gain access.

We are working with Age UK to run the ‘Safer’ project in order to help protect people over 65 who can be among some of the more vulnerable members of our community. We have identified a number of ‘at risk’ areas in Tamworth and South Staffordshire to run the pilot initially and are currently working on identifying areas in Stoke-on-Trent. Source:http://www.thestaffie.net/


Life’s a roller coaster

Life's a roller coaster

Image Credit – Flickr:PageDooley

In other news from Tamworth, perhaps more suited to the slightly younger generations, is the story that Tamworth’s legendary stand up roller-coaster “Shockwave” at Drayton Manor Theme Park was celebrating it’s 21st birthday.  Voted the world’s best stand-up ride, (a lot faster than the sit and stand or perch stairlifts that we supply!) the “Shock” as it is affectionately known by fans, was the first and is now the only ride of it’s kind in Europe and was installed in 1994.

“We’re so pleased to have the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain back with us again to celebrate the ride’s 21st birthday,” said William Bryan, managing director at Drayton Manor said. “Shockwave is one of our best-loved and longest-standing rollercoasters here at Drayton Manor, it has been thrilling our guests, young and young at heart, for the past 21 years and has put smiles on many faces during that time.

“We are sure that Shockwave will continue to delight our visitors for many years to come.”

Read more: http://www.tamworthherald.co.uk

If you don’t want a hair raising ride up the stairs then don’t try a dodgy stairlift company, insist on the best from your local Staffordshire stairlifts specialists.  You can call our Tamworth number on

01827 340815

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