Home Elevators in the Moorlands

The Staffordshire Moorlands being situated so well for commuters to both the South Cheshire conurbation and North Staffordshire has many high quality homes in the countryside, that still allow a short drive to the local shops and services available in the main town of Leek.

One of the newest additions to executive homes being developed currently in the stockbroker belt between Macclesfield, Knutsford and Leek is the provision of a home lift as well as stairs in the home.  Some properties, that have a designer hotel finish to them, offer three or four floors to a home, with basement gyms or swimming pools built underground.

An example of the kinds of lift installations now being put in is on the picture below.

lifts and elevators Leek Morlands

Advantages of a home elevator

In order to save space and give a high quality luxury appearance these kinds of developments are now installing home elevators to go from floor to floor or just to a basement, with the main floors still retaining the staircase. So for some purchasers it is a handy addition to the home and can be used like a dumb waiter to send items to and fro between floors, and it is also just easier to get around, especially if you have a large home.

Other older residents aren’t that keen on the appearance of stairlifts even with all of it’s plus points, because they just prefer the look of a “proper lift” like you would find in a hotel or shopping centre, and they have the wise idea to future-proof their home by having one installed.

They have a very narrow footprint, smaller than that required for a stairway, so are unobtrusive in appearance.  Also when they aren’t needed in the room they can be sent to another floor out of the way and the lift canopy then fits flush with the same floor covering so you would hardly notice that a lift was needed.

Domestic Lifts Cost

Your staircase and what your particular circumstances are will dictate what type of lift is best for your house.  It might be that a stair lift would be the better choice for your Leek property, it all depends on the budget you have available.  Domestic elevator installations are not a cheap and quick solution to mobility restrictions in the home – that’s the job of a stairlift. Building regulations approval needs to be arranged, which our home lifts installer would do for you, but it does take a little while to arrange. Bear in mind that we would also have to cut a cavity through the floor and ensure that the whole installation was structurally sound.  An approximate figure would be between £8,000 – £20,000 depending on the scope of the project.  Why not arrange for one of our friendly surveyors to have a look at the property, along with a talk about the plans you have in mind, and we will advise you of the options you have available. All without any cost or obligation – a survey is free.

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