Silver Straight Stairlift

 Straight Stairlift

Straight Stairlift

With our Straight Silver Stairlift your comfort and safety are paramount.  As this lift uses batteries to power itself up and down the stairs it will keep going even if the electricity goes off.

The DC motor is extremely quiet, and the stairlift recharges at the top and bottom of the lift. Our stairlift is extremely slimline so your stairs can still be used by people who do not require the use of a stairlift, while still allowing you the freedom of your entire home.
Every feature of these lifts has been thoughtfully added by experts who understand your requirements, when you are looking to buy a stairlift.  All of the included features have been implemented to help your mobility and safety around your home.


        • Simple controls.
        • Built-in sensors enable you to go on the stairs and notify you if there is an obstruction on the track.
        • Powered by batteries so it can function even during a power outage.
        • The lift auto re-charges itself when it is placed in the parking/charge positions at the top or bottom of the stairs.
        • Seat swivels for easier exits at the top of the landing.
        • The lightweight, yet strong aluminium stairlift rail is fastened to the stair tread, never the wall.
        • If the rail extends into a hallway or entrance hall then an optional hinged rail can be installed, which neatly folds away, when not being used.
        • We can install your lift within hours.
        • Perch and Sit/Stand stairlifts are available for those with limited hip/knee mobility or for narrower staircases.
        • Slimline design ensures that the arms, seat and footrest fold up out of the way of other users of the stairs.
        • Suitable up to 20 stone.

Dimensions of the lift

From the top of the footrest to the seat top 445mm
From the floor to the top of the footrest 115mm
Width between both arm rests 560mm