Reconditioned Stair Lifts in Tamworth

Are new stairlifts worth it?

The majority of our customers opt for a new straight stair lift for quite a few reasons. There is a peace of mind should things go wrong, because although all our refurbished stairlifts fitted in Tamworth still have a minimum of a years full warranty, there is often a thought that maybe the previous owner didn’t treat the stairlift as well as you might – much like a motor car you want the previous owner to be a retired vicar or lady driver, rather than a young driver who likes to go fast.

This analogy is not quite comparable to stairlifts as there is just one speed, but for many people new is just better overall.  The small extra cost of buying new can help to quell any concerns an elderly relative or younger family member may have when buying a stair lift, as statistically most of us feel it is less likely to go wrong than a used model.

Reconditioned Benefits

Tamworth Lift EngineerThe costs of running a stair lift are very small, whether new or reconditioned they will be using around the same minimal amount of electricity.  In fact it amounts to between 5 and 8 pence per day on average.

For the household on a tight budget, and who always like to get a deal, the option to go for a refurbished stairlift comes down to pure costs.

If you make a comparison of prices between new and second hand straight lifts then as previously mentioned there is a slightly lower difference in price.

However the benefits when buying a curved reconditioned stairlift, is that the price difference from new is greater.  Also depending on the configuration of the stairs, it may be quicker to install if that is a concern over buying a new one which can take a few weeks, if you were to pick one particular manufacturer.

Making your purchase through us means that you get to make a choice from different manufacturers, and can base your final decision on a full range of prices and specifications.  Each will be tailored exactly to your staircase and each one will be recommended after taking into account any medical conditions that the stairlift user may have now.

Dependent on stock levels we can arrange second user straight or curved lift installations and will happily send you an information pack in the post or you can phone us to get any further questions answered about having a stairlift fitted at home.

Call our Tamworth number on 01827 340815 today for a fast and friendly quotation.


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